Console : DDA Profile 56 channel analog mixing console.

Microphones : Neumann M149, Neumann TLM170, Neumann KM76 (2x), Neumann KM184, Schoeps CMC5+MK4 (2x, matched pair), Slate VMS, Milab DC96B, Groove Tubes MD2, Beyer MC930, Beyer M201, AKG D112, Shure Beta52, EV ND408, var Shure, Beyer, etc.

Monitoring : Quested H208 + Quested AP-800 amp, Focal Twin 6 BE, Avantone Active MixCube.

Converters : Apogee AD16-X, Apogee DA16-X, Apogee Rosetta 800.

Preamps : Universal Audio 8110, API 3124+, Chandler Germanium, Avalon U5 DI, Slate VMS, DDA Profile

Outboard : Klein+Hummel UE100 tube eq, Telefunken U73 tube compressors (3x), Roland RE-501 space echo (tape), DBX-500, DBX-3BX, TL-audio VP5051, etc...

Monitormix : Hearback individuele headphone mixes, headphones eg Audio Technica ATH-D40fs (5x), Sennheiser HD280, AKG K240, Shure SRH840

DAW : i7 2600k, 16Gb RAM, W7, > 4Tb of storage, RME Raydat (32 ch adat).

TAPE: Ampex MM1200 2" 24 track tape recorder, Studer A80 master recorder.

Software : DAW : Cubase 9 Pro, Protools 12.7
Plugins & VSTi's : Waves bundle, Slate everything bundle, Soundtoys Native bundle, NI Komplete, Korg Legacy Collection, IK Multimedia Total Workstation 2, Bösendorfer290, Vienna Ensemble, etc.


Guitars : Gibson Les Paul Pro deluxe '74, Gibson Les Paul Professional '69, Gibson Les Paul Std, Fender Precision USA '77 & '78, PRS USA CE-24 '93, Rickenbacker 330, Fender Stratocaster USA '73, Musicman Stingray II guitar, Gibson J-50 acoustic, Gibson The Paul, Fender Telecaster USA, Thinline pedalsteel, Roland GR500 guitar synth, Alhambra 1P, Simon & Patrick western.

Keys :  Pleyel Vleugel 1920's, Wurlitzer EP200A, Korg MS-10, Yamaha P60, Emu Orbit, etc.

Drums : Pearl Masters Custom drumkit, various small percussion instruments.

Versterkers : Marshall JCM800 top (1st ed), Marshall JCM900 top, Marshall 4x12" cabinets (2x), Fender Bassman 100 Top + cabinets (5x), Epiphone valve junior head, Trace Elliot bass combo.

All instruments available in Studio Spitsbergen can be used during a recording session.

For use of the drum kit there's a € 5/hr surcharge to cover for wear.