Get away from it all to fully focus on your music? Order the 'Residential Studio Deal' at Studio Spitsbergen in the Netherlands!

The complete front living area of the farmhouse is a comfortable guesthouse so you can stay overnight in a relaxed and quiet environment with your whole band. It features a relaxing living area with an open plan kitchen, fire place, four bedrooms (that can host a maximum of 8 people), two bathrooms, one featuring a bathtub. The whole studio is Wifi equiped.

At the back of the property there a big garden, and at the end of a busy studio day you can chill out on the large terrace on the side.

The price includes 24 hours of studio time, including producer/engineer, and 3 days & two nights full time access to the residential areas.

from € 1570,- 
Now just € 1250,-

Price includes producer/engineer, 24 hours of studio time & 3 days/2 night stay, but is ex 21% VAT (exempted if you've got a registered EU VAT number).